Patrimonio artístico y paisaje en torno al Canal de Castilla(ramal norte, 1750-1936)

  1. José Luis Moisén Gutiérrez
Supervised by:
  1. Lena S. Iglesias Rouco Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2013

  1. Francisco Javier de la Plaza Santiago Chair
  2. René Jesús Payo Hernanz Secretary
  3. José Luis García Grinda Committee member
  4. Domingo Ortega Gutiérrez Committee member
  5. Inmaculada Aguilar Civera Committee member
  1. Historia, Geografía y Comunicación

Type: Thesis


This Doctoral Thesis achieves a new understanding of the artistic heritage and landscape generated by the development process that took place in the towns within the North Branch Castile Channel since the mid-eighteenth century to the first third of the twentieth. We study as well, with an integrated approach, the valuable inheritance from early industrialization and, in particular, offer a refreshing perspective of the impact exerted by that great public work, recreating a precious legacy where tradition and modernity coexist. Among the issues discussed is the role played by some agents, especially the Castile Channel but also rail and roads, as instruments of socio-economic revitalization of this area. Material progress that led resulted in a variety of architectural contributions in terms of urban form, institutional buildings, work constructions and houses. All these elements that make up the landscape, are now understood as a diverse heritage that gives a distinct cultural identity and opens new prospects for the future development.