Nuevas sondas cromo-flurogénicas a partir de derivados organopaladio y compuestos indénicos

  1. Daniel Moreno Mediavilla
Supervised by:
  1. Tomás Torroba Pérez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2010

  1. Tomás Torres Cebada Chair
  2. Gabriel García Herbosa Secretary
  3. Alberto Tárraga Tomás Committee member
  4. Joaquín María Campos Rosa Committee member
  5. Laurent Pouységu Committee member
  1. Química

Type: Thesis

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Fluorogenic and chromogenic molecular chemical sensors have become extremely important in the chemical science. These systems are doubly interesting; first from the point of basic research, they study the host-guest interactions, mediated by a dyestuff, oriented to the signalling of coordination processes; second, the applications of these systems is intended to the development of detection systems for selected interesting analytes from simple colour absorption or fluorescent emission changes. During the last period, the research group has developed a new family of intrinsically fluorogenic probes, very selective and capable of generate large differences in the fluorescent emission in the presence of selected analytes; in this PhD Thesis, I have studied a series of such systems capable of selectively detect a range of analytes from related biomolecular compounds. I have also developed colorimetric probes able to make detection of species for which there are not currently specific chemical sensors.