La imagen del heroe medieval castellano. El Cidentre la historia, la leyenda y el mito

  1. René Jesús Payo Hernanz
Cuadernos del CEMYR

ISSN: 1135-125X

Ano de publicación: 2006

Número: 14

Páxinas: 111-146

Tipo: Artigo

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Few figures have reached such a projection on Spanish history as that of don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. This character underwent a series of changes and new dimensions that turned him into one of the defining elements of the Hispanic being, and as such he has been used since days gone by as an example of the essential virtues of Castile and Spain. But this constant use was enacted much more on the figure of don Rodrigo shaped as legendary and mythical than on the real historical Cid, the profiles of whom remained blurred so that new strong features could be added to the collective imagination