Programa Interuniversitario de la Experiencia en la Universidad de Burgosuna realidad educativa de éxito

  1. Ángel Gañán Adánez
  2. Tamara de la Torre Cruz
  3. María Isabel Luis Rico
  4. Miguel Corbí Santamaría
  5. Juan Alfredo Jiménez Eguizábal
  6. Vanesa Baños Martínez
Nuevos perfiles de alumnos en las Aulas de Mayores: reflexiones en torno a sus percepciones y expectativas sobre los Programas Universitarios para Mayores en España
  1. Juan Carlos Maroto Martos (coord.)

Publisher: Editorial Universidad de Granada ; Universidad de Granada

ISBN: 978-84-338-5957-0

Year of publication: 2015

Pages: 353-365

Congress: Encuentro Nacional de Programas Universitarios para Personas Mayores (14. 2015. Granada)

Type: Conference paper


Systematic evaluation conducted in educational systems today is very present and increasingly obliged to ensure in time the defendant educative success as today. This assessment does two clear objectives, on one hand a evaluation individually by members of the organizations where it ́s held out the assessment and aiming the Fulfilment of programs and secondly the achievement of goals and objectives sought by the program evaluating the overall vision of it. In research we conducted the most significant data and lines of action most appropriate Interuniversity Programme Experiences from the University of Burgos, on the other hand providing meaningful data that explain the results to be displayed are indicated. The results are analysed periodically and systematically help very significantly in the development of courses, complementary activities and appropriate to the needs of our students methodologies.