Tipología de usuarios de redes sociales en México¿creadores o espectadores?

  1. José Ignacio Azuela Flores
  2. Isabel Baltazar Romero
  3. Karla Paola Jiménez Almaguer
  4. Magda Lizet Ochoa Hernández
  5. Nadia Huitzilin Jiménez Torres
Investigación y Ciencia: de la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes

ISSN: 1665-4412

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 65

Pages: 59-65

Type: Article


Several are the business applications offered by Social Networks Sites (SNS). In them, people can interchange information, but also firms can advertise and even sell their products. However, in order to make efficient use of them, it is necessary to know who and how are the users. This study tries to answer these questions and proposes a classification of users of SNS in Mexico according to their frequency and hours of use. To achieve this, we conducted a cluster analysis with data from the Survey on the Use of Social Networks (SUSNS). Our results show that in Mexico, the SNS users can be classified into two types; those who generate and consume content (creators), and those who only consume content on social networks (spectators).