Contenidos mediáticos en función del génerode la prensa segregada a los canales de televisión especializados

  1. Paula Illera Miguel
Dirigée par:
  1. María Isabel Menéndez Menéndez Directrice

Université de défendre: Universidad de Burgos

Année de défendre: 2020

  1. Sonia Kerfa President
  2. Silvia Guillamón Carrasco Secrétaire
  3. Mònica Figueras Maz Rapporteur
  4. Francisco A. Zurian Hernández Rapporteur
  5. María Ganzabal Learreta Rapporteur
  1. Historia, Geografía y Comunicación

Type: Thèses

Teseo: 620973 DIALNET lock_openRIUBU editor


In this doctoral thesis, we seek to build a dialogue, establish a relationship between the messages issued by the segregated press according to gender (Men’s Health or Woman) and the new specialized television channelsn (Nova or Energy). For this, we will go to the media, both written and audio-visual, collecting a sample that allows us, finally, will face both media. In parallel, he will explore both feminist and medical theory, in order to create a network that contextualizes and ultimately makes sense of the results of the sample. Our analysis evaluated, then, to question the representations of femininity and masculinity, to reflect on the feedback and evolution of media discourse and to address the social consequences of it.