La música tradicional valenciana en la comarca de La Ribera: análisis en el ámbito educativo, social y cultural y diseño e implementación de una secuencia didáctica en primaria

  1. Mar Aleixandre Badenes
Supervised by:
  1. Ana María Botella Nicolás Director
  2. José Salvador Blasco Magraner Director

Defence university: Universitat de València

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Javier Centeno Martín Committee member

Type: Thesis


The PhD document is about the traditional and folklore usage of Valencian music in an education perspective. For that purpose a theoretical basis was elaborated in order to have an in-depth knowledge about learners, as well as understating their learning development. These are, joined with the Valencian music folklore, key pieces for this research. Besides, legal framework, based on music education, was analysed for both primary education and teaching university degrees. Furthermore, an analysis on traditional music in primary music classroom was conducted, focusing on teachers, text books, and students. The La Ribera region teachers study is carried out using a questionnaire, a 14-Valencian-editorial-text books analysis, and the implementation of a didactic sequence for the region analysed.The results show the little presence of the Valencian traditional music on both the text books and nowadays classrooms, even if that musical style confers a great and benefitial impact for learners. The need for continuous teacher training and materials that make the work easier regarding this matter is also shown. As well as building links amongst traditional music,school, learners, and families.