Adaptación de la legislación a la residencia "Gregorio Santiago" de Burgos de 1990 a 2000

  1. Rafael Calvo de León
Supervised by:
  1. Dolores Fernández Malanda Director
  2. Margarita González Sánchez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2015

  1. Fernando T. Esteban Ruiz Chair
  2. Beatriz Núñez Angulo Secretary
  3. Indalecio Sobrón Salazar Committee member
  4. José Manuel Muñoz Rodríguez Committee member
  5. José Alfonso García Martínez Committee member
  1. Ciencias de la Educación

Type: Thesis

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The objective of this research is to analyze how a protection center for minors has grown following the influence, contributions and exigencies in the distinct rules, in regards to the children and young adults in residential care in the 90s. This specific center is the Residence �Gregorio Santiago� in Burgos, chosen for our investigation to be the pioneers of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon in relation to a modernization and adaptation to the new realties and social demands in respect to minors at risk of social exclusion. We have proceeded by explaining in general terms, the great changes that have been produced in social politics in relation to childhood and protection of minors, from the international environmental to the autonomous community and more concretely, the community of Castile and Leon.