Arquitectura durante la Edad Moderna en la sierra burgalesa

  1. Oscar Moral Garachana
Supervised by:
  1. Alberto C. Ibáñez Pérez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2004

  1. Salvador Andrés Ordax Chair
  2. René Jesús Payo Hernanz Secretary
  3. Adriano Gutiérrez Alonso Committee member
  4. Soledad de Silva Verástegui Committee member
  5. Miguel Cortés Arrese Committee member

Type: Thesis


This Thesis aims at gaining an insightful grasp of artistic production, in broad terms, and architectural creation in particular, which took place in the Eastern Range within Burgos province from the XVth century to the XVIIIth century. However, the scope of research goes beyond this as it endeavours to look into every aspect of life at that time, growing into a comprehensive historical study. In the province of Burgos, the Mountain Range is one of the areas with a well defined personality. Paradoxically, there has not been any historical or artistic study except for the Medieval Age. The study proposes a method to be undertaken when studying rurally-based historical events and artistic creation. Indeed, the tone-setting statements throughout the study proposes stronger determination in preserving and promoting its privileged cultural heritage.