La restauración y conservación del patrimonio monumentalestudio sistematizado de los métodos de programación en las intervenciones de restauración

  1. Garabito López, Javier
Supervised by:
  1. Luis María García Castillo Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Fecha de defensa: 11 March 2005

  1. José Javier Rivera Blanco Chair
  2. Jesús Gadea Sainz Secretary
  3. Carlos de la Casa Martínez Committee member
  4. Domingo Pellicer Daviña Committee member
  5. Víctor Echarri Iribarren Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Programming methods used in construction come directly from the manufacture with minimal fittings for the use in this field. In the case of restorations, the problems increase since each project, besides being more singular, is a monument. The programming of a project is solved with a diagram of bars. Specific programming encompasses all factors related to the process of restoration. This would substantially improve the quality of restoration and would also help the restoration work to be completed in the given amount of time. If a delay should occur, this programming would also make it possible to correct the problems. For this reason I have carried out a comparative study of the different programming techniques of work commonly used to determine which ones are better adapted to the peculiarities in the restoration, and seeking some solutions which will help solve the weaknesses generally related with the comprehension of given information.