Las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación integradas en un modelo constructivista para la enseñanza de las ciencias

  1. Valeiras Esteban, Nora
Dirigida per:
  1. Jesús Ángel Meneses Villagrá Director/a

Universitat de defensa: Universidad de Burgos

Any de defensa: 2006

  1. Salvador González-Carcedo President/a
  2. María José Insausti Tuñón Secretari/ària
  3. Eliane Angela Veit Vocal
  4. José María Sánchez Jiménez Vocal
  5. M. Lourdes Pérez de Eulate González Vocal

Tipus: Tesi

Teseo: 134875 DIALNET


This thesis formulates a theoretical model named �Constructivist Model for On-line Science Teaching�, which integrates the Information and Communication Technologies with the socio-cultural perspective of Lev Vygotsky, the theory of significant learning of David Ausubel, and the approach of Teaching for Understanding, which emerges from the theory of multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner. An educational module on Municipal Solid Waste was designed and developed in this thesis. Two diagnostic investigations were carried out to identify the specific context in which the model was implemented. In a third experimental study, the e-module was tested in an on-line course aimed at the continuum education of Science Teacher. The results indicate that the proposed model favors significant learning, the comprehension of scientific topics, and communication