La fiscalidad de la vivienda en Españaanálisis de sus efectos jurídicos y económicos

  1. Carlos Carbajo Nogal
Supervised by:
  1. Carolina Blasco Delgado Director
  2. José Luis Peña Alonso Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2010

  1. Luis María Cazorla Prieto Chair
  2. Amable Corcuera Torres Secretary
  3. María Isabel Landaluce Calvo Committee member
  4. Fernando J. Cervera Torrejón Committee member
  5. Alfonso Carlos García-Moncó Martínez Committee member
  1. Derecho Privado

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 297919 DIALNET lock_openRIUBU editor


This doctoral memory is set as objective the analysis of the adequacy of tax measures approved by both the State and the Autonomous Communities and local governments, policy regarding public access to housing and economic effects that flow from them. It also seeks to highlight the analysis of the existence of the necessary coordination among the measures proposed by the State and those carried out by the Autonomous Communities and local governments, all seeking the efficiency and effectiveness of such measures.