Facetas del Bronce Final "regional" en el Alto Ebro y la zona oriental de la Submeseta Nortemanifestaciones arqueológicas y objetos sociales de La Solana (Modúbar de la Emparedada, Burgos)

  1. Montero Gutiérrez, Juan
  2. Arnáiz Alonso, Miguel Ángel
Zephyrus: Revista de prehistoria y arqueología

ISSN: 0514-7336

Year of publication: 2004

Issue: 57

Pages: 221-248

Type: Article

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Starting off with some archaeological findings on the surface of the site called "La Solana" in Burgos, an assessment can be carried out on the cultural entities belonging to the regional Final Bronze Age, in particular, of the highland valley of the Ebro river and the Eastern part of the North Plateau. Within this field, in the light of new data which had been contributed, the date of the objects is analysed. Moreover, the reason for the existence of the ceramic and metal utensils of continental and southern origins, in this area, as well as to how it came to be there, is discussed.