La explotación lingüística de textos técnicos como complemento evaluativo y génesis de materiales pedagógicos en inglés para fines específicos

  1. Palacios Pablos, Andrés
Elia: Estudios de lingüística inglesa aplicada

ISSN: 1576-5059

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 4

Pages: 219-235

Type: Article

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Teaching Technical English for Civil Engineening involves some limitations that must be overcorne with initiative and imagination. On the one hand, the market provides no suitable pedagogical rnatenials to meet the students' needs, which often implies workiag with outdated textbooks, either too general or frorn other ESP fields like Business English. On the other hand, any serious analysis of the teaching conditions for this language in most Spaaish universities shows that these are extrernely inadequate: too short courses, a still high ratio of students per class, and contents for too expensive to be covered. Therefore, teachers must be practical while adjusting adjectives to these restrictions. This paper rnakes an useful proposal to fulfill the challenge of teaching successfully within this context, by suggesting a method to produce plenly of matenials and a complementary system for assessments. Basically it is about asking students to hand in written projects related to Civil Engineening issues. The teacher gives selectioa criteria for both text and exercises, which results in a wide range of updated readings. Secondly, the best works are used in class, increasing the students linguistic awareness and their interest in the subject.