La monarquía en femenino. Construyendo su representación en Sofía, el álbum de una reina

  1. María del Mar Chicharro Merayo
Estudios sobre el mensaje periodístico

ISSN: 1988-2696

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 15

Pages: 137-155

Type: Article

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This paper assumes television is able, not only to create representations, but also to legitimate institutions and figures. This is why this work concretes this function in the study of the construction made by television, and related to Queen Sofia. The analysis of the report Sofía, el album de una reina (Sofía, the album of a Queen), using content analysis technique, let us find out some keys that national public television uses to present and adapt this figure to postindustrial present values, keeping, anyway, distinction elements that make monarchy exclusive.