Design and implementation of manufacturing execution system with open hardware

  1. Alcalde Delgado, Roberto
  2. Manzanedo del Campo, Miguel Ángel
  3. Sáiz Bárcena, Lourdes
  4. Alonso Manzanedo, María
  5. Olmo Martínez, Ricardo del
Dirección y organización: Revista de dirección, organización y administración de empresas

ISSN: 1132-175X

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 48

Pages: 41-45

Type: Article

DOI: 10.37610/DYO.V0I48.410 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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The aim of this work is to design and validate a prototype low cost manufacturing execution system, which consists of software development and hardware configurations free (arduino). The prototype can record and monitor status changes of different production lines or sensors, as well as obtain performance reports. It can be used even in cases where no controller or PLC. Furthermore, the system is scalable and configurable. It analyzes the data, to obtain reports more clear and concise information.

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