Las elecciones en Castilla y León¿cambios electorales sin efectos gubernamentales?

  1. Javier Antón Merino
  2. Sergio Pérez Castaños
Más poder local

ISSN: 2172-0223

Year of publication: 2019

Issue Title: Ciclo electoral en España 2019

Issue: 38

Pages: 44-52

Type: Article

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Castile and Leon has more than 27% of the Spanish city councils and is the most extended region in both number of provinces and territory. This region was also the last one in becoming a part of the Spanish regional system. After 32 years of conservative Governments (Popular Party), electoral dynamics seem to have change and popular vote in 2019 show a different pattern. Even though, the national pacts and alliances provoked that the popular vote was overlapped by the addition of representatives getting more than half of them in the chambers. This research pretends to generate an historical and descriptive framework on how electoral behaviour and turnout change in the region in every electoral call and also the most significate issues that happened in 2019.