Una traducción actuada del Teatro Canzone, de Giorgio Gaber: Me duele el mundo

  1. Gil Rovira, Manuel
  2. Melgosa Rodríguez, Fernando Javier
La traducción en las artes escénicas
  1. Martino Alba, Pilar (coord.)

Publisher: Dykinson

ISBN: 978-84-9031-005-2

Year of publication: 2012

Pages: 299-306

Type: Book chapter


This paper intends to present, from the theoretical and practical viewpoints, how to go from the Gaberian Teatro canzone to Me duele el mundo: show which contained several songs and performances of Giorgio Gaber (from Signor G to their recent albums and performances). The starting point for the staging of the show is, logically, Gaberian texts / text: texts that are designed and operate from an historical, temporal and geographically very marked space, and are transformed, they become yours again in translation.