Las plataformas educativas en los Programas Universitarios para Mayoresuna necesidad de presente y de futuro

  1. Baños Martínez, V.
  2. Corbí Santamaria, M.
  3. Gañán Adánez, A.
  4. Palmero Cámara, C.
  5. Escolar Llamazares, M.C.
  6. Ruiz Palomo, E.
Nuevos perfiles de alumnos en las Aulas de Mayores: reflexiones en torno a sus percepciones y expectativas sobre los Programas Universitarios para Mayores en España
  1. Juan Carlos Maroto martos (coord.)

Publisher: Editorial Universidad de Granada ; Universidad de Granada

ISBN: 978-84-338-5957-0

Year of publication: 2015

Pages: 585-593

Congress: Encuentro Nacional de Programas Universitarios para Personas Mayores (14. 2015. Granada)

Type: Conference paper


The results of the national survey on the use of ICT in Third Age University Programs (U3A) have allowed us to be concious of the level of knowledge and use of ICT by students and their increasing internet access through both, personal computers and smartphones. Therefore, we must take this information into account when planning the studies of our seniors. From the Interuniversity Experience Program and the Open University for Seniors of the University of Burgos (UBU) we raised from the beginning an ICT training both on a practical level, through courses and workshops, and as a theoretical level with the different subjects. Thus, the development of necessary skills for their use as well as positive attitudes or motivations for an effective approach to them is encouraged. In this communication, apart from presenting the results of the study cited above, we want to justify the need for phasing the blended learning in U3A progressively, specifically in the UBU, as a resource which can bring both the training and investigation on one hand and the elderly students on the other together, regardless of their place of residence or personal circumstances. We understand that university education must be flexible, open and universal and the use of educational platforms can contribute to this aims and promote a society for all ages.