Televisión a la carta y Centros Territoriales, la difusión digital de la información local

  1. Marta Pérez Ruiz
  2. Fernando Javier Melgosa Rodríguez
VIII Congreso Internacional de Ciberperiodismo: El impacto de las audiencias en los perfiles profesionales y los contenidos
  1. Ainara Larrondo Ureta (coord.)
  2. Koldobika Meso Ayerdi (coord.)
  3. Simón Peña Fernández (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio Editorial = Argitalpen Zerbitzua ; Universidad del País Vasco = Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

ISBN: 978-84-9082-468-9

Year of publication: 2016

Pages: 325-337

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Ciberperiodismo (8. 2016. Bilbao)

Type: Conference paper


The territorial structure of TVE is organized on the basis of its distributed territorial centers. These delegations design newscasts for broadcasting in territorial disconnections, but they have also joined the phenomenon called ‘demand television’ thanks to the fact that its information, both in its usual format and the short version of the retransmission, can be found on the RTVE website for the public to consume these informative products in a more convenient way and from anywhere in the world. This possibility of accessing to nearest, à la carte information is favoring a greater proximity to new audiences from these territorial delegations that until the advent of television on demand, only offered its public service through conventional emission.