Los Derechos Humanos en América LatinaPor qué, para qué y para quién

  1. Carmen M. Rodríguez Salgado
Psicología desde el Caribe: revista del Programa de Psicología de la Universidad del Norte

ISSN: 0123-417X

Year of publication: 2001

Issue: 8

Pages: 53-62

Type: Article


The why, what for and whom as questions put forward the importance of continuing fighting for the respect and defense of Human Rights in Latin America. We have already shown the violation and horror of military political regimes. Now, we must examine the situation in which democratic governments assault their civilians in a brutal way by imposing laws forgiving past violations, and by implementing and promoting life conditions in which more than 1/3 Latin American population live under the limits of poverty. We must analyze all this, as well as the complete lack of some fundamental rights. The social situation of economical, political, physical and psychological violence we are daily suffering, the structural unemployment, the avoidable deaths, are not uncommon episodes but daily situations. All the above make possible to continue the authoritarianism, impunity, stigmatization and discrimination. In the XX Century , fascisms built a death prone community on the basis of hate. The terror imposed by the last military dictatorship in Argentina becomes alive through a State which makes citizens disappear from their social place. We, as health workers, must actively participate to generate policies which allow the transformation of this society and the recognition of memory as the way of resisting forgetfulness