Proposta, implementação e avaliação de uma metodologia de ensino no conteúdo de função, utilizando uma estrategia de resolução de problemas fundamentada na teoria da aprendizagem significativa de Ausubel

  1. Jeneffer Araújo de Assunção
Supervised by:
  1. Marco Antonio Moreira Director
  2. María Concesa Caballero Sahelices Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2019

  1. Jesús Ángel Meneses Villagrá Chair
  2. Amaya Martínez Puras Secretary
  3. Ayla Márcia Cordeiro Bizerra Committee member
  4. Silvana Pérez Papalia Committee member
  5. Matías Camacho Machín Committee member

Type: Thesis


ABSTRACT: This research was based on the assumption that the teaching-learning process must be based on the scientific foundations of cognitive psychology. It assumed that the teacher had a methodology that agreed with specific didactical features. The guiding question here was: Problem Solving as a teaching methodology based on the theoretical framework of Ausubel’s Meaningful Learning Theory can favor meaningful learning of the content function in those high school students? In answer to this question, the objective was to analyze the teaching-learning process using the problem-solving methodology while teaching the content function with the Meaningful Learning Theory approach. Its planning stage involved problem-solving strategies in the viewpoint of Ausubel`s theory that offered its support to the action planning organization, observation guidelines, and didactic sequencing. Thus, after data analysis of the obtained results, it might be inferred that the students involved in this research developed skills and competencies related to the content of function because they seemed to have meaningfully assimilated the previously planned content. They might also have presented what can be qualified as an improvement in their performance related to actions and operations on the problem-solving strategy. Keywords: Meaningful learning; Teaching and learning the concept of function; Polynomial function; Problem Solving Strategy.