Diputados y senadores burgaleses de la Restauraciónanálisis y valoración de una elite política en una sociedad con bajo nivel de colisión

  1. Félix Castrillejo Ibáñez
  2. Antonio Fernández Sancha
Investigaciones históricas: Época moderna y contemporánea

ISSN: 0210-9425

Year of publication: 1996

Issue: 16

Pages: 111-130

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D
  • Human Sciences: A


Through the study of the deputies and senators for Burgos in "La Restauracion" (1876-1923), their characteristics as a group and their means of social promotion, we come to some conclusions about this political elite, whose origin must be located in the Elizabethan age. Their objective was to continue in the power and this frequently contributed to hold back the process of modernization of the Castilian society, instead of encouraging it. They were said to be an elite that was not exactly connected with the economical power, although they held a narrow link with it and, unlike other provinces, they defended themselves against the governmental Caciquismo