Creencias sobre la Educación Afectivo Sexual en los estudiantes de Ciclos Formativos sanitarios y sociosanitarios

  1. Laura Alonso Martínez 1
  2. Davinia Heras Sevilla 1
  3. María Fernández-Hawrylak 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Burgos

    Universidad de Burgos

    Burgos, España


Evidentia: Revista de enfermería basada en la evidencia

ISSN: 1697-638X

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 18

Issue: 18

Pages: 3

Type: Article


Objective: To evaluate the competences in Affective-Sexual Education of Vocational Training students. Methods: Descriptive observational study that compared attitudes towards sexuality among 68 students from health cycles with 38 from socio-health cycles. The evaluation instruments were the Double Standard Scale, the Inventory of Negative Attitudes towards Masturbation and the Scale of Attitudes towards Sexuality. Results: A Mann-Whitney tests proved significantly that women had more positive attitudes towards sexuality (U=424.50, z=-2.00, p=.045) and less adherence to gender roles (U=350.00, z=-3.02, p=.003) than boys. Nevertheless, non-significant differences were found by training cycle. Conclusions: The realization of the training cycles as opposed to sex seem to have no impact on attitudes towards sexuality of the students, showing the need to improve their training to deal with it.