Repensar la intervención estatal sobre el matrimonio (en el reconocimiento y en la disolución) desde una perspectiva del bien común en Brasil y España

  1. Lucas, Isabella Pena
Supervised by:
  1. Tomás Prieto Álvarez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Fecha de defensa: 18 December 2020

  1. José María de la Cuesta Sáenz Chair
  2. Nuria Belloso Martín Secretary
  3. Adriano Moura da Fonseca Pinto Committee member
  4. María Aranzazu Moretón Toquero Committee member
  5. Rafael Mario Iorio Filho Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Marriage have been the object of harsh attacks and questioning. The spearhead, without a doubt, are the ideas sustained by revolution and movements that sustain radical ideologies that have denied human nature itself. The present adresses the roots of the conceptual hecatomb that occurred around marriage and the emptying of content that has been subjected to through recent legislative changes – in particular, we deal with the legal system of Spain and Brazil. In addition, it is intent to reflect on the false claims that have been made about the marriage. Likewise, it is proposed to rethink the current intervention of State on marriage, especially on two key points, heterosexuality y stability. Because only by rescuing of the true meaning of marriage will it be possible to protect the social essentiality of the family and marriage with a view to adequately protecting the common good.