Interaction of metal complexes with nucleic acida thermodynamic and kinetic study, with an eye on photoreactive processes

  1. Matteo Lari
Supervised by:
  1. Begoña García Ruiz Director
  2. José María Leal Villalba Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2018

  1. Química

Type: Thesis


The Thesis "Interaction of metal complexes with nucleic acids. A thermodynamic and kinetic study, with an eye on photoreactive processes" by Matteo Lari regards the study of the mechanisms of action of different kinds of molecules with nucleic acids. The first part of the thesis is centered on the characterization of an aluminium complex and its interaction with RNA, which provokes important structural changes and the formation of aggregates. In the second part, the interaction of metal complexes with DNA is characterized, in the view of their possible use as anticancer drugs. In particular, a focus on their photoreactivity is performed, and it is seen that such complexes enhance their reactivity in the presence of a UV-vis light. In addition, fluorescence enhancement of the complexes is observed by interaction with DNA, and selectivity towards non-canonical DNA structures, the G-Quadruplexes, is found, making these complexes more interesting for anticancer strategy