El modelo de gestión arqueológica en Burgosprioridades, problemas y perspectivas

  1. Montero Gutiérrez, Juan
Medio siglo de arqueología en el Cantábrico Oriental y su Entorno: actas del Congreso Internacional
  1. Llanos Ortiz de Landaluze, Armando (coord.)

Publisher: Instituto Alavés de Arqueología ; Arabako Foru Aldundia = Diputación Foral de Alava

ISBN: 978-84-7821-739-7

Year of publication: 2009

Pages: 1011-1024

Congress: Congreso Internacional "Medio Siglo de Arqueología en el Cantábrico Oriental y su Entorno" (1. 2007. Vitoria)

Type: Conference paper


The basic lines this study is based on are the stipulations and criteria established within the framework of Law 12/2002 of 11 July on the Cultural Heritage of Castilla y Léon. Based on the said stipulations and criteria, the study refl ects on the implications of the Burgos Archaeological Heritage Management system in relation to archaeological actions inherent to preventive plans. The analysis also extends to other aspects connected with the above-mentioned actions, which refer to the resources and means at the disposal of the administration, as well as to the professionals, the treatment of the information obtained and the implicit interests of the different agents involved in managing the Archaeological Heritage. The way the said issues are expressed indicate the features of the interventions linked to administrative procedures, widely accredited throughout the State and that have given rise to the so-called Archaeological Management.