Reflexiones en torno a una realidad complejala gestión del patrimonio arqueológico en Castilla y León y su repercusión en el ámbito de la investigación

  1. Juan Montero Gutiérrez
BSAA Arqueología

ISSN: 1888-976X

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 72-73

Pages: 247-277

Type: Article

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This paper analyses the management of archaeological heritage. In order to do that, the current archaeological activity carried out in Castilla y Leon has been taken as a reference. Firstly, the connection between the strategies of archaeological intervention and the theoretical principles outlined in the archaeological publications have be en taken into consideration, that is to say, the methodology used regarding the type of result obtained. Finally, other inherent aspects such as the role played by the different organizations which deal with the management of the archaeological heritage have been analyzed, in order to evaluate the reasons behind the progressive separation between the activities carried out in academic centres and research centres and the so-called preventative management developed mainly by the private sector.