Catedrales. Mundo iberoamericano.Siglos XVII-XVIII. Vol. 1

  1. Laura Illescas Díaz coord.
  2. Juan Manuel Monterroso Montero coord.
  3. René Jesús Payo Hernanz coord.
  4. Fernando Quiles Castro dir.

Publisher: Universidad Pablo de Olavide

ISBN: 978-84-124831-7-8

Year of publication: 2022

Type: Book


The Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Lima and Primada of Peru is one of the most important buildings of the Peruvian Viceroyalty. The current temple was drawn by the extremaduran architect Francisco Becerra at the end ofthe sixteenth century, but a serious earthquake on october 19, 1609 will cause serious damage to the building, greatly modifying the initial appearance of the building. The main objective of these lines will be to analyze the original trace of the temple through a series of documents describing the most appropriate way to restore and continue the work begun by the architect, using Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements, which will mark a before and after in the Architecture of Peru and in the Peruvian viceroyalty.