Applications of the Lagrangian Relaxation Method to Operations Scheduling

  1. Juan José Lavios Villahoz 1
  2. José Alberto Araúzo Araúzo 2
  3. Ricardo del Olmo Martínez
  4. Miguel Ángel Manzanedo del Campo
  1. 1 Universidad de Burgos

    Universidad de Burgos

    Burgos, España


  2. 2 Universidad de Valladolid

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Valladolid, España


Managing Complexity: challenges for Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  1. Cesáreo Hernández Iglesias (coord.)
  2. Adolfo López Paredes (coord.)
  3. José Pérez Ríos

Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG

ISBN: 978-3-319-04704-1

Year of publication: 2014

Pages: 147-153

Congress: International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management (7. 2013. null)

Type: Conference paper