O stress dos formadores de acções tipologia EFJEl stress en formadores de acciones de tipología EFJ

  1. Candeias, Anabela Cristina Nunes Conceição
Supervised by:
  1. Florencio Vicente Castro Director
  2. Silvio Manuel da Rocha Brito Director
  3. Susana Sánchez Herrera Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Fecha de defensa: 05 March 2014

  1. Fernando Bacaicoa Ganuza Chair
  2. Carlos Salavera Bordás Secretary
  3. María Julia Alonso García Committee member
  4. María Luisa Bermejo García Committee member
  5. José Ignacio Moraza Herrán Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 359315 DIALNET


Stress is the result of the relationship between the individual his environment, caused by an imbalance between what the individual looking for your life and your ability to achieve these objectives. These searches are perceived as challenges that can arise from any internal or external source, which can leave more or less vulnerable to stress. People have their own personal and professional attitudes that influence their attitudes and actions against external agents, which may be real or perceived threats, ie, individuals differ from each other in their responses to stressful events in their lives, according with their vulnerability and this is more significant when the perception stress is less clear, because alertness and minimizes the vulnerability levels of perceived stress.