Ergonomia y discapacidadergowork una alianza estrategica para la innovación

  1. Ana Isabel Sánchez Iglesias 1
  2. Florencio Vicente Castro 2
  3. José Antonio del Barrio del Campo 3
  4. Antonio Sánchez Cabaco
  5. Jerónimo González Bernal 4
  6. Juan Alfredo Jiménez Eguizábal 4
  7. María Isabel Fajardo Caldera 2
  8. Isabel Gutierrez 1
  9. María Carmen Palmero Cámara 4
  1. 1 Diputación de Zamora
  2. 2 Universidad de Extremadura

    Universidad de Extremadura

    Badajoz, España


  3. 3 Universidad de Cantabria

    Universidad de Cantabria

    Santander, España


  4. 4 Universidad de Burgos

    Universidad de Burgos

    Burgos, España


International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology: INFAD. Revista de Psicología

ISSN: 0214-9877

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Pages: 211-220

Type: Article



Knowledge partnerships are created to strengthen the innovative capacity of the new European context through enhancing innovation processes in higher education, business and key actors of the social context. With this aim, the International Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology, "INFAD Association" along with Universities, Business and Social organizations from Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Poland boosted ERGO WORK project, approved by the European Commission, and conducted under the Lifelong Learning Programme (Erasmus). A project which aims at developing multidisciplinary and innovative approaches to the ERGONOMICS as a discipline, as well as seeking to improve the design of jobs and workplaces for people with disabilities. ERGOWORK project raises to provide concrete solutions to these educational and business needs. The "Knowledge Triangle" (Higher Educational Institutions, Companies and VET and Social organizations), created within the project, offers specific curricula in the field of ergonomics, which aims to not only contribute to innovate and standardize supply in the current European context, but also help to provide quality training and high skills, allowing students access to the labor market and helping to meet the employers needs.