Universidad de Burgos y desarrollo local. Aproximación a un modelo teórico centrado en el desarrollo local desde la universidaddetección de actividades (1994/95 - 2003/04)

  1. María Isabel Valdizán García
Supervised by:
  1. Alfonso Navarro Jurado Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2006

  1. Julia Boronat Mundina Chair
  2. Domingo Ortega Gutiérrez Secretary
  3. María Rosario Limón Mendizábal Committee member
  4. Rufino Cano González Committee member
  5. Cristina Borreguero Beltrán Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The function that assumes the University in relation to the local development, supposes to seat the idea that the basic unit in which to undertake the development is the territorial organization and not only, the companies or other sectors, since the knowledge can be acquired of different ways, in different formatives spaces and through different means or instruments, but takes shape locally in the way in which the subject person as of permanent formation materializes her learning¿s and applies her competitions in the context of her local system by means of the daily practice. This knowledge and knowledge to do become patrimony of the local community, in knowledge common, able to adapt the general knowledge to the local circumstances, being able with it to reform the premises and to fit it to the new situations, along with the university institution. For that reason, the object of our study is centred in demonstrating that the local development of Towns today appears like a field of work and investigation that the University of Towns assumes every time with more intensity and coherence, since the problematic study of the territorial one, the consideration of the premises like suitable instrument stops: ¿ The conservation, promotion and diffusion of the space in which one is based, ¿ The human development, ¿ Economic, city-planning, cultural and social the planning, ¿ The considerations of the decentralization. They are, without a doubt, problems that affect so much to the functions as to the mission of the university today.