El Cid, un personaje transfronterizo

  1. F. Javier Peña Pérez
Studia historica. Historia medieval

ISSN: 0213-2060

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 23

Pages: 207-217

Type: Article

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In previous works, we have defined el Cid Campeador as an �inhabitant of the frontiers� of Christendom, a turn-of-phrase intended to highlight the adventurous and daring character of Rodrigo Díaz in his political life and, above all, in his military engagements. A review of his past certainly leaves a lasting impression that he lived his life to the hilt. Without losing touch with this viewpoint expressed in previous works, a new analytical perspective is advanced in this article to gain a deeper understanding of el Cid�s passage through history; through his own specific, time-bound history, and through those centuries in which his name lived on, taking refuge in both legend and myth. We begin this analysis referring to a new keyword that defines el Cid as a historical figure who crossed frontiers; in other words, as an individual who was able to conduct himself with almost fortuitous ease, in the face of radically different historical periods, cultural realms, codes of law, and demeanours.