Competencias emocionales de los estudiantes universitarios

  1. Valeriana Guijo Blanco
  2. Nuria Alonso Alcalde
Psicología y educación: presente y futuro
  1. Juan Luis Castejón Costa (coord.)

Publisher: [Madrid] : Asociación Científica de Psicología y Educación (ACIPE), 2016

ISBN: 978-84-608-8714-0

Year of publication: 2016

Pages: 1254-1261

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Psicología y Educación (8. 2016. Alicante)

Type: Conference paper


The socio-personal skills take more relevance in the personal, social and professional areas over time. Specifically, emotional competences are considered as good personal well-being perception predictor, besides contributing and promoting the individuals employability. It has been shown that individuals emotional competence increases with age, thus the university stage is established as an appropriate time to achieve the socio-emotional competences, as it is recognized in the general guidelines and the memories of many university degrees. On this basis, the present study seeks to explore the connection between the university student´s emotional competence and the academic level the take. The sample participant in this study consist of 258 students who come from six different Spanish universities, coursing form first year to fourth in various degrees. The instrument that has been used in this research is the Spanish adaptation form Abanto, Higueras and Cueto (2000) form Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Inventory (I-CE) (1997). It is performed a descriptive study of the scores achieved by the participants in the study in each of the components and subcomponents test, comparing and analysing the differences between university students according to the academic level taken by them. The results indicate that the university is located in an average level of emotional int lligence and significant differences between the course and the interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal but not found. It concludes whereas precise interventions form improving emotional competence of college students are.