Diseño y evaluación de una guía de buenas prácticas para el implante coclear desde una dimensión holística

  1. José Ignacio Temiño García
Supervised by:
  1. Jerónimo González Bernal Director
  2. Raquel de la Fuente Anuncibay Director
  3. José Luis Cuesta Gómez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2018

  1. Juan Alfredo Jiménez Eguizábal Chair
  2. María Cruz Bilbao León Secretary
  3. Petrone Loredana Bernardette Committee member
  4. María Eugenia Martín Palacio Committee member
  5. Arrigo Pedon Committee member
  1. Ciencias de la Salud

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 560913 DIALNET lock_openRIUBU editor


ABSTRACT The objective of this research is to design and validate an orientation guide: "Know the Cochlear Implant: a guide for the family, users and professionals". After the theoretical review, which includes a selection, description and analysis of the existing support materials, the need to have a document that provides comprehensive information and training to all the people involved throughout the process of an Implant is detected Coclear, attending, from a holistic perspective, to all aspects related to it. The validation of the guide has been carried out through the Delphi technique, with a group of experts representing different disciplines, who have been providing information and suggestions to provide it with the structure and contents. The result is a complete and complete guide that aims to serve as a reference for candidates or users of a Cochlear Implant, a family and all professionals involved in the process. Keywords Coclear implant, deafness, candidates, family and professionals