La construcción del género en las películas de Pixar Animation studios entre 1995 y 2015modelos de masculinidad, feminidad y relaciones entre personajes

  1. Nerea Cuenca Orellana
Supervised by:
  1. Fátima Gil Gascón Director
  2. José Cabeza San Deogracias Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Year of defence: 2019

  1. María Antonia Paz Rebollo Chair
  2. María del Mar Chicharro Merayo Secretary
  3. Salvador Gomez Garcia Committee member
  4. Manuel Gómez Segarra Committee member
  5. Francisco Segado-Boj Committee member
  1. Historia, Geografía y Comunicación

Type: Thesis

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This research revises the gender roles male and female characters embody in Pixar Animation Studio’s films during its first two decades of production (1995-2015). Gender roles are social constructs that maintain and restructure the masculinity and femininity ideals which a society has depending on a particular context. Pixar’s film make a representation of inexplicable masculinity and femininity without the time and socio-economic context in which the films are produced and received. Social reality filters Pixar films through female characters who seek autonomy, emotional independence and demonstrate that they are prepared for "empowerment." The evolution of the female character does not occur in isolation, but it pushes and conditions the evolution of the male characters, who learn to listen, to respect, he gets involved in the emotional problems that bring them closer to a new fatherhood. Keywords: Gender, family, job, friendship, love.