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Constitué le 02 novembre 2017

Responsable: José Luis González Castro

Faculté: F. Educación

Département: Ciencias de la Educación


The analysis of social inequality and processes of inclusion/exclusion are of vital significance in our XXIst century societies. Knowing the challenges faced by people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, victims of violence, or those who although in a job have salaries which do not allow them to cover minimum needs is an obligation for social researchers. It is necessary to analyze how to enhance good socio-educational practices and create the learning materials which helps to fulfill this inclusion. An analysis of the Quality of Life of the population is a valid tool in order to propose improvements not only in educational contexts but also in social, health, economic, political and legislative spheres of everyday life. The SIQoL research group aims to analyze how research, teaching and social consultancy may serve as a basis with which to support disadvantaged groups achieve a higher level of social inclusion



  • Branches de connaissances: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas