Research unit: UNIDAD DE INVESTIGACIÓN CONSOLIDADA 231- Construcción Sostenible

PhD program: Ingeniería y Tecnologías Industrial, Informática y Civil (UBU)

Area: Mechanics of Continuous Media and Theory of Structures

Research group: SUstainable CONStruction research group

Was part of these groups:


Doctor by the Universidad de Burgos with the thesis Fabricación de hormigón hidráulico con escorias de horno eléctrico de arco 2001. Supervised by Dr. Javier Jesús González Martínez.

A Full Professor (Catedrático) since 2017, I had previously occupied the post of Tenured Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Burgos (EPS-UBU) since 2003, having begun my work at the UBU in 1989. I teach on both Bachelor and Master's degrees and postgraduate courses. I also Chair the Civil Engineering Degree Theses Committee and have supervised a large number of Degree and Master’s Theses in Civil Engineering and Technical Architecture. I acted as Deputy Director of Curricula of the EPS, over the period 1997-2004, as Head of the Civil Engineering Department, during 2008-2012 and 2019-present, and held the post of Vice-Chancellor of Infrastructures and New Technologies between 2012 and 2016 and Vice-Chancellor of Planning, Services, and Sustainability from 2016 to 2019. In the professional field, I have been working as an Engineer since 1987, and have participated in a large number of civil engineering works. From 2001, my involvement in research work within the University intensified, covering the study of construction materials for use in building and civil works. Since November 2001, I have supervised 11 PhD Theses, and I am currently engaged with another three Theses that are in progress. The research team has gained recognition at both a national and an international level. At a national level, its work has been included as a reference in the CEDEX Catalogue of Useable Waste in Construction, within the Integrated Waste Plan 2008-2015. I have reviewed over 80 articles in ISI journals and I have formed part of the scientific committee of 5 international conferences and the organizing committee of one conference in 2016. I have also participated in 25 research projects and/or contracts. A large part of this research activity has been disseminated through communications at over 35 international conferences, some of which co-authored with European researchers. This activity has also been acknowledged with a six-year period of quality of transfer of knowledge (sexenio de transferencia). I was a Coordinator (LR) of the Research Project between the University of the Basque Country and the University of Burgos, under code BIA2014-55576-C2-1-R of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the acronym BlueCons (MINECO: 2015-2017), the FULLSCALE (2021 to 2023) proyect and the REWIND project (MICIN 2022-2024). I am a member of the Basque Government research group (IT1314-19). I am also the Lead Researcher (LR) of the European project, FASTCOLD (2017-2021), in response to the RFCS 2016 call. I direct the Sustainable Construction Research Group (SUCONS) of the UBU and the Consolidated Research Group UIC-231 of the Junta de Castilla y León, under Project BU119P17 (2017-2020). The SUCONS group is a member of the national excellence network BIA2017-90838-REDT and a corporate member of RILEM, where SUCONS researchers sit on certain technical committees related with hydraulic and asphalt concretes. Member of the discussion tables for the drafting of the II Master Plan for Industrial Promotion 2021-2025 of the Community of Castilla y León. Finally, I also act as an Advisor to the Ministry of Istruzione, Universitá e della Ricerca of Italy as an Expert Researcher in the field of Applied Research and have worked as a pre-examiner of PhD Theses defended at the University of OULU (Finland).