Múltiples formas para segmentar el mercado de compradores online y móvil

  1. Paula Rodríguez Torrico
  2. Sonia San Martín Gutiérrez
  3. Rebeca San José Cabezudo
Cuadernos de estudios empresariales

ISSN: 1131-6985

Datum der Publikation: 2012

Nummer: 22

Seiten: 99-128

Art: Artikel

Andere Publikationen in: Cuadernos de estudios empresariales


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Given the current growth of mobile and online commerce, this research attempts to review and classify the variables that can be used to characterize the profiles of the buyers and compare them in the context of online and mobile purchasing. To achieve this goal, we will use demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic, behavioral and motivational characteristics of the buyers and thus enhance the literature about the analysis of these variables.