Validación de una encuesta sobre la actividad docente en Educación Superior

  1. Alfredo Bol Arreba
  2. María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares
  3. Manuel Pérez Mateos
Aula abierta

ISSN: 0210-2773

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 41

Issue: 2

Pages: 45-54

Type: Article


Higher Education Institutions need to know students� perception on the learning-teaching process. Measurement tools should be reliable and valid. This paper relies on a sample of five thousand five hundred fifty-one students distributed in five different centres at the University of Burgos. The aims are: 1) To study the reliability of teaching surveys -adaptation of Student Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) - Short version-. 2) To analyse if there are significant differences among faculties. We have found significant differences among all faculties in nine of the items observed, but no significant difference can be found in the last item (course workload). The reliability of the survey was .92. The most valued aspects by students were lecturers� availability for out-classroom activities. The less valued aspect was assessment procedures and the usefulness�s materials of the courses.