Area: Developmental and Educational Psychology

Research group: Enseñanza e investigación en Educación Física


Doctor by the Universidad de Zaragoza with the thesis La formación emergente del fútbol prebenjamín un estudio de caso de modalidad etnográfica 2017. Supervised by Dr. Fernando Sabirón Sierra, Dr. Ana Arraiz Pérez.

PhD in Education from the University of Zaragoza, degree in Psychopedagogy, teacher specializing in physical education, and graduate in Psychology. Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Burgos, and a member of the ETNOEDU research group (University of Zaragoza). Main lines of research include: pedagogical and psychological processes in school sport, educational counselling, and academic tutoring. The teaching interests include subjects that delve into the educational relationship, educational counselling, developmental psychology and education, assessment, and task analysis. In parallel, I have regularly participated in educational innovation projects on academic tutoring and university teaching in particular, and have authored several articles on school sports and educational guidance, mainly, conference papers and participating in international visits as a teaching and research scholar. I have worked as a university lecturer since 2013 and as an educational counsellor at a school for six years. Currently coordinating Degree in Social Education, participating in the GIDS DATU group, and serving as the PI for the 360 REWIN project.