Department: Ingeniería Civil

Department: Ingeniería Informática

Faculty: E. Politécnica Superior

Area: Programming Languages and Computer Systems

Research group: Advanced Data MIning Research And Business intelligence/Bioinformatics/Big data LEarning


Branches of Knowledge: Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Doctor by the Universitat de Barcelona with the thesis Jellyfish of the Spanish Mediterranean coast effects of environmental factors on their spatio-temporal dynamics and economic impacts 2014. Supervised by Dr/a. Josep Maria Gili Sardà, Dr/a. Isabel Muñoz Gràcia, Dr/a. Verónica Fuentes.

Degree in Marine Sciences, Master in Global Change and PhD in Ecology from the University of Barcelona. I am currently working on projects related to the environment, human health and citizen science, promoting open science and training in data science.